This function creates a connection object which stores parameters and gets a login-cookie if available - it does so by passing arguments to the appropriate league-based handler.

ff_connect(platform = "mfl", league_id = NULL, ...)



one of MFL or Sleeper (Fleaflicker, ESPN, Yahoo in approximate priority order going forward)


league_id (currently assuming one league at a time)


other parameters passed to the connect function for each specific platform.

rate_limit Defaults to TRUE. Pass FALSE to turn off.

rate_limit_number number of attempts to try in rate_limit_seconds.

APIKEY MFL-specific - grants access to perform something as a user in a specific league

user_name Collects user_name field for leagues that support it (MFL, Sleeper so far)

password Collects password and attempts to fetch an authorization token which functions a lot like an APIKEY

user_agent Identifies user scraping the data


a connection object to be used with ff_* functions

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ff_connect(platform = "mfl", season = 2019, league_id = 54040, rate_limit = FALSE)
#> <MFL connection 2019_54040> #> List of 5 #> $ platform : chr "MFL" #> $ season : num 2019 #> $ league_id : chr "54040" #> $ APIKEY : NULL #> $ auth_cookie: NULL #> - attr(*, "class")= chr "mfl_conn"