ffscrapr (development version) Unreleased

The main goal of ffscrapr 1.1.0 will be to replicate the features of 1.0.0 but for Sleeper. Some other changes and tweaks will be added eventually!

Sleeper progress

  • Cleaned up sleeper_connect() code
  • Created a sleeper_getendpoint() lower level wrapper - design seems a little awkward (“pass each element of the url to become slash-separated parts of the path”) - but will roll forward with it anyway, I think that makes the most sense.
  • Got rid of passing the conn object into sleeper_getendpoint() - wasn’t really being used, would be used by higher-level functions. May change if cookies etc are used later.
  • Added generic and method for ff_userleagues() - Sleeper league IDs are more annoying than MFL to handle, so the more intuitive way is to look up the user’s league_ids by username. MFL does have a parallel feature even if used for different purposes.
  • Added method for ff_schedule() (
  • Added method for ff_standings() (
  • Added method for ff_franchises() ( and added separate testing file.
  • Added method for ff_rosters() (
  • Added method for ff_draftpicks() (

New generics

Here is a list of new functions available at the top level (ie for all platforms)

  • ff_userleagues() returns a list of user leagues. This is deployed slightly differently for MFL and Sleeper - MFL requires authentication to access user’s leagues, while Sleeper doesn’t have authentication so you can look up any user you like.

MFL changes

Other tweaks

  • Now uses {checkmate} for testing.
  • Silently swallowing up unused args in mfl_connect and sleeper_connect.

ffscrapr 1.0.0 2020-08-17

This is the first (major) version of ffscrapr and it is intended to build out the full set of functions for the first API platform: MFL.

Future versions will add more platforms via methods mapped to the same functions.

Functions include:

  • ff_connect (and sibling mfl_connect) to establish connection parameters and ratelimiting
  • mfl_getendpoint as a low-level function for making GET requests from MFL
  • ff_draft gets draft results
  • ff_draftpicks gets current and future draft picks that have not yet been selected
  • ff_franchises gets franchise-level identifiers and divisions
  • ff_league gets league-level summaries of rules, players, and franchises
  • ff_playerscores gets playerweek-level scores
  • ff_rosters gets franchise-level rosters complete with naming
  • ff_schedule gets weekly fantasy schedules
  • ff_scoring gets scoring rules
  • ff_standings gets league-level season summaries
  • ff_transactions gets a list of all transactions and cleans them into a data frame.